Frequently Asked Questions
  • Formula for calculating Score
    \[(0.6\times (Number of likes - Number of dislikes))+ (0.2 \times Facebook Likes) + (0.2 \times Instragram Likes)\]
    Our calculation consists of 3 sections
    - 60% weightage of sillypicks website likes
    - 20% weightage of our Facebook Page likes
    - 20% weightage of our Instagram Page likes
  • Where can I find my picture's Facebook and Instagram link
    After being successfully verified from admin's side you will receive a confirmation email containing link to your image. On that page at top you can see the 2 buttons for facebook and instagram respectively. Similar to shown below.

  • How much can we earn?
    You can maximum avail benefit of 100$ as of now. If you help the site grow this limit will be increased. For more contact us here.
  • How many times I can redeem a single picture?
    You can redeem the amount multiple times depending on score of image.

    Example: if your image has 300 Scores, you can redeem it for 15$ at once or in sets of 5$ three times. Once Your picture got score less than 100 after payout, it will not be eligible for further payouts and will be restricted to take part in next campaign.
  • How to redeem
    After your image crosses the score limit of 100. You can see those pictures in My Pictures page at top under the title Pictures Eligible for payout.
  • How many payout modes are there.
    Currently we support most of Indian wallets (Paytm, PhonePAY, Freecharge) and amazon ecards as mode of payouts.
  • I saw something terrific in search results. What to do now?
    Not much more. But you can always tell us about it in detail by providing link in contact page.
  • Very less results are coming.
    Maybe your search query is not trending these days or the source is not providing much. Only latest results will be retrieved from social media.
    Please let us know by sending us mail. Visit Contact page.